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Today’s world is becoming more environment-conscious. But with that, another thing is also happening; inflation is increasing manifolds. But, during these hard times, you can get your old and inefficient boilers replaced for free. UK boiler replacement scheme is an initiative for affordable boiler replacement that functions under the EO-4 scheme.

Along with government boiler grants, you can avail of numerous other grants such as insulation grants, get a fully funded replacement of your old boilers, or get free installation of an air source heat pump and insulation.

About the Government’s Boiler Grants:

ECO grants were introduced in 2013 with the aim to step towards reducing the fuel poverty of the country. Numerous schemes have been introduced under this campaign, and currently Eco-4 scheme offers you the chance to avail of different grants including government boiler grants, insulation grants, and air source heat pump grants.

The eco-4 scheme is an initiative by the UK government that aims at addressing climate change, and fuel poverty, and supporting energy-efficient upgrades across the UK.

What You Need to Know About Eco-4 Grants?

The Eco-4 scheme is a government initiative designed to lend a helping hand to homeowners like you. This program aims to provide support for replacing or upgrading inefficient boilers, and it comes with some fantastic benefits.

UK Boiler Replacement Scheme:

The residents of England, Scotland, and Wales can get their old and inefficient boilers replaced by availing the grants under the Eco-4 scheme. You ought to meet certain criteria in order to be eligible for the grants.

If eligible, you can upgrade to new and advanced boilers that come with state-of-the-art and advanced features such as thermostats for absolutely free.

How Does It Work?

The eco-4 scheme covers all the basic expenses the cost of replacing the old boiler and upgrading to a new one. First, you need to check the eligibility criteria. You can do so by visiting our home page and see if you meet the criteria. Upon qualifying, our experts from the British Eco team will schedule a visit to evaluate your property and finally, you will get a free boiler installed as the last step of the process.

Boiler Grant Eligibility:

To be eligible for availing government boiler grants, you ought to meet one of the following criteria.

The Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating of a property determines whether it qualifies for the ECO4 Scheme. Every time a building is created, sold, or rented, the government mandates that an EPC be acquired. This certificate provides data on the energy use of the building, average energy costs, and suggestions for reducing energy use to save costs. An EPC rating of E, F, or G is required for a property to qualify for the ECO4 Scheme.

 The following additional criteria must be met in order to qualify for the grant:

 • You are a homeowner with a damaged boiler or a boiler that is older than 2005.

 • At least one sort of benefit, such as a housing benefit, is being used by you. However, even if you do not receive any such advantage, LA Flex may nonetheless let you apply.

•Your property must have a G, F, or E ECP rating.

Additionally, you may still be eligible for the awards if you get any of the following categories of benefits.

  1. JCA, or the Income-Based Jobseeker Allowance
  2. Employment and Support Allowance with Relation to Income Support,
  3.  Pension Credit Guarantee,
  4. Working Tax
  5. Child Tax Credit

Everyone including pensioners, and disabled people can avail of all the benefits and perks of the Eco-4 scheme.

Free Boiler Funding:

The eco-4 scheme covers all the funding required for free boiler installation. From applying for the grant to getting your property evaluated, and having the boiler installed in your home, you don’t need to pay anything.

Boiler Upgrade Benefits:

Now the question arises, what do you get by availing the grant and upgrading your boiler? Here are all the benefits of upgrading your boiler system, in a nutshell.

  • You get a new boiler for absolutely free.
  • Upgraded boiler will be more energy efficient.
  • It will significantly reduce your energy bills.
  • It is a cost-effective approach toward energy utilization.
  • You get to play your part in adapting eco-friendly approaches.

Other Types of Grants:

Government boiler grants go beyond mere boiler grants and encompass other types of grants as well. You can choose from these grants your preferred mode of heating systems. The other types of grants that you can avail of under the Eco-4 scheme are as follows;

  • Central heating system grants
  • Free insulation grants including cavity wall insulation, loft insulation, solid wall insulation, underfloor insulation, and roof-in-roof insulation
  • Heat pump grants which can be availed according to the following categories;
  • Air source heat pump grant worth £5,000
  • Ground source heat pump grant worth £6,000
  • Biomass boiler grant worth £5,000

While the scheme offers you a variety of heating grants to choose from, you must be considerate of the fact that you cannot avail of any type of funding for a hybrid pump system grant. Also, you cannot avail grant for any system having a capacity of more than 45kWth.

How to Apply for Government Boiler Grants:

You can apply for the government’s boiler grants by following these simple steps;

  • Check your eligibility criteria through the eligibility checker from our home page
  • Upon qualifying, our team will contact you shortly. Collaborate with them to schedule a visit to your property according to your availability.
  • If your property fulfills all the standards and conditions, experts from our team will get the heating system such as a boiler installed in your home.
  • Our team also provides after-care services in case of any further problems.

With that said, the free boiler scheme offers you a golden chance to get your worn-out boilers replaced without spending a penny and play your role in building a greener, cleaner, and more sustainable environmental future for you and your community.

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